The Inclusion Challenge

How might we open our borders and enable connections with those who arrive?

OpenIDEO is a global community of 100 000 innovators. We believe that dialogue and connection between people of diverse backgrounds is a foundation for a good society.

Together we design solutions that enable inclusion in radically new ways. Share your idea with us and use feedback from the community to develop and implement it.

Share your idea

The OpenIDEO process – from having ideas to making them reality


It all starts with an invitation for you and others around the world to share inspirations, stories, tools and successful examples on the challenge topic.

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Based on learnings from the Inspiration phase, the OpenIDEO community shares new, wild or existing ideas and collaboratively refines them.

14 days left. Tell us your idea


We then focus on testing ideas with end users.

Starts 12 May 2017

Top ideas

Working closely with the challenge sponsor, the OpenIDEO team chooses a set of top ideas based on their potential for impact, level of engagement and relevance to the challenge topic and evaluation criteria.

Announced 11 June 2017


This is where you can share learnings, find collaborators and share updates on how ideas are evolving.

Starts 18 June 2017

For each phase we suggest creative methods to make the ideas as powerful as they can be. The methods can be used on ones own or collaboratively, online or offline. 50+ methods have been refined by IDEO. You can discover them all on

For the Ideas phase we suggest that you create a framework or brainstorm if you want to generate more ideas. A mash-up or co-creation session can help refine the idea you have chosen. A rapid prototype and storyboard can quickly help make the idea real.

It's a collaboration

As a member of OpenIDEO you join 100 000 innovators from 98 countries to create radically new solutions to important social challenges.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation sponsor this challenge as a way to inspire people to take action to change the world.

At, we believe that you can learn to apply our human-centered design process to the issues you care about.

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